The Hagbourne's Raised 8
2.5-3 hrs
Standard Adult £44pp - Member Adult £22pp

This beautiful 3 mile circular Figure of Eight route includes both East & West Hagbourne and the Edge of Upton.

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RSPB Otmoor - Starling Murmurations
5 hrs
Standard Adult £75pp - Member Adult £40pp

RSPB Otmoor is a special place anytime of the year but November through to January there is an amazing spectacle of up to 70,000 starlings dancing in the sky.

This visually stunning and mesmerising display of so many birds in one place forming amazing pulsating patterns overhead is an experience you will never forget.

This experience will be limited to a max of 6 people, if your group is larger please contact us directly.

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Goring Scenic Circuit
3.5 hrs
Standard Adult £49pp - Member Adult £25pp

This circular 4 mile route (as featured on my Airbnb Experience) contains all the highlights that Goring-on-Thames and Goring Gap has to offer. This is by far our favourite walk and for many of our guests it is theirs too. Come and explore with us this beautiful landscape and the abundance of wildlife that live there.

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Kingfisher Spotting!
1.5 hrs
Standard Adult £25pp - Member Adult £20pp

This is a 90 minute session, and and early start as our local Kingfishers are hunting from dawn!
Goring & Streatley is situated on an incredible section of the River Thames, and we know we have several pairs of resident kingfishers, who last year were very active with us and successfully raised 15 young over three clutches. So sightings can be frequent some days - if you know where to look!

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The Family Goring Riverside Return
1.5 - 2hrs
Standard Adult £25pp - Member Adult £18pp

A fun way to spend time with the under 16's in your life, outdoors! Let's get them out in the fresh air and learning about wildlife! We know children can often develop a love for wildlife, and starting early often gives them a great appreciation for the natural world we live in. We also know the health benefits of being outside and getting children out into the fresh air, so this walk is perfect to do just that.

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Goring Riverside Return
2 hrs
Standard Adult £39pp - Member Adult £20pp

Short on time? Love the riverside? Need an easy circular walk? Then this is the one for you.

Covering a range of habitats, this is a 2 mile, flat circular walk via cornfields, wildflower meadows, and coppiced woodland - with the return leg along the side of the stunning River Thames.

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"What Goes Up" Nature Trail
Standard Adult £49.00pp - Member Adult £25.00pp

This 4 mile route in Watlington takes in some wonderful scenery along the chalk downland through beech woodlands and ancient pathways.

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