Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials

Approx 2 hrs

Wildlife photography is very different than other genres, our choice of subject matter whether it be a Bird of Prey in a tree or a deer hiding in the bushes they rarely pose for the camera and if they do it will only be for just a few seconds.

Wildlife Photography is about patience, understanding, a little bit of luck but above all Respect!

Capturing those once in a lifetime moments of wildlife or those amazing action shots requires all of the above but also you have to know what your gear is capable. When you do and you dont have to think about which setting for which scenario you need, your camera will become something you can rely on when you need it and then you can capture some truley amazing photographs.

From focus settings, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and white balance plus field craft tips, after just a couple of hours this introductory tutorial to wildlife photography will leave you more confident and inspired to get out in to the wild and capture that perfect shot.

LOCATION: Streatley, West Berkshire RG8

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